Elafonissi, most probably the most beautiful beach on Crete and for sure the most visited.  The main attraction of Elafonisi is the beautiful sandy beaches with pink coral sand and the crystal clear waters. Wading through the shallow waters you can go to the adjacent island, narrowly attached to the beach,  which has many small secluded beaches. The island is a protected nature reserve.
The coral sand is produced by the large amounts of red and pink shells that get ground up by sea action.

The road to Elafonissi is as spectacular as the destination, climbing through the mountains, passing through steep ravines, we come to the Cave of Agia Sophia with its breath-taking views down the gorge of Topolia. The entrance of the cave has a width of 25m, while the height reaches 20m in many points, and the two rooms are at different height, the surface of which is full of stalagmites.

Continuing our journey through the mountains and many villages we eventually arrive at our destination, Elafonissi.

On the way back you will have the chance to see the oldest olive tree, protected by UNICEF and a stop at the wine factory of Anoskeli to taste some of the products (wine tasting and olive oil-tasting).