The natural springs and lush vegetation makes a very pleasant walk through its streets…

Argyroupolis Village is the site of the ancient city of Lapa. According to the myths, Lapa was created by Agamemnon, the hero of the Trojan war.

One of the most characteristic architectural features of the village is that several architectural parts of ancient constructions have been re-used in recent buildings and are well visible. Argiroupoli is a historic village, as it is here that in 1878 it has been declared the Unification of Crete with Greece.

The natural beauty of the village is a blend of the luxuriant vegetation, ancient plane trees, brooks with fresh water and the water mills at “Piges”, (“springs”). As the name suggests the whole area is rich in water gushing springs, the water falls over rocks and stone everywhere in this fertile area with many chestnut and plane trees.