Chrissi Island

Exotic natural landscape dominated by cedar, the golden sand and the light aquamarine water …

Chrissi is a flat islet very famous for its tropical blue water that cover all possible palette hues of blue and green, the protected forest with large juniper trees and the thousands of broken shells that make the sand pinkish. The shores of Chrissi are surrounded by the Mediterranean’s Libyan sea.

Chrissi Island takes its name (golden) after the golden sand that covers the entire island and comes from shell debris.

Chrissi Island is protected by Natura 2000 Networking Programme, as an “area of intense natural beauty”, designated as a wildlife refuge. The island hosts the largest naturally formed Lebanon cedar forest in Europe. The majority of trees have an average age of 200 years and average height of up to 7 metres and some of the trees are up to 300 years old and 10 metres tall.